Chestnut Ridge Anniversary Session | Ben & Tristan

Tristan and Ben are celebrating one year of marriage this June, and I was so honored that they asked me to take these anniversary pictures for them! I've been getting to know Tristan better since she's become one of my second shooters this wedding season, and you will not find a person sweeter. I was so excited to meet her husband, Ben, that she's told me so much about! They are adorable together, as you can see from these pictures, and knew just how to make my job easy with their sweet embraces and huge smiles. Marriage looks sooo good on these two! And when Tristan asked if they could bring their brand new puppy, Cooper, along with them for pictures, I did a little happy dance. As if anyone could resist that perfect little puppy face and those puppy eyes anyway! Puppies at every anniversary session, please. ;) 

It's so encouraging to see couples like Tristan and Ben who are excited about using the challenges of marriage as an opportunity to learn to love each other and the Lord better through it. Just one of the many reasons I love anniversary sessions! Tristan and Ben: here's to your second year of marriage, and many, many more!