Chestnut Ridge Engagement | Kristin & Joe

I have such a soft spot in my heart for long distance love stories, and Kristin and Joe's is one of the furthest and sweetest I know! Kristin is from Ohio and Joe is from London, England, and they met each other while Kristin studied abroad during her junior year at Notre Dame. A friendship, and then more than a friendship, quickly blossomed, and when it came time for Kristin to leave for home, they took picked up long distance with 4,000 miles between them. Countless Skype calls have been (and continue to be) a big part of their relationship, interspersed by a few treasured visits -- which will become permanent "togetherness" when they get married this next spring!

Joe planned the sweetest proposal last December while Kristin and her family were visiting him and his family in London. He drew Kristin out of the house on the pretense of running an errand with him, and when they returned, Kristin was shocked to find the living room transformed into a romantic scene complete with dimmed lights and flickering candles. (Joe's mother and sister had set everything up while they were gone!) Joe asked her to marry him, and through happy tears from both of them, Kristin said yes! 

Not only do Kristin and Joe have the cutest story, but they are also some of kindest, most joy-filled individuals, and I know their wedding day is going to be a reflection of the same. I can't wait to see the start of their married life -- it will be here before we know it! Until then, enjoy these pictures of their engagement session!