Inniswood Metro Gardens Engagement | Anna & Mark

Anna and Mark are an amazing couple, and I loved getting to meet them at Inniswood Metro Gardens for their spring engagement shoot. While we walked around, they shared their story with me and it is the absolute sweetest! They met while students at Ohio University; Anna needed to book a room on campus, and was put in contact with Mark, who was a building manager. He was able to get Anna the "1804 Lounge," a room typically unavailable to students. Romance was sparked after they connected again during a school-sponsored trip. They started dating, and eventually both followed work opportunities to California after graduation.

A few years later, their story came full circle. During a visit to Athens, Mark managed to get the unsuspecting Anna into the same room at OU that he had helped her to book over four years earlier. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him to the score of the movie "Up" playing on piano. After a moment of speechless shock and surprise, she happily said yes. Heart melt!

Since so much of their story took place at Ohio University, it couldn't be more perfect that Anna and Mark are planning their fall wedding there as well. I can't wait to be a part of this special day to celebrate this sweet and deeply in love couple!